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My name is Jan van Acken and I currently work at the Software Ecosystem Security group at the Information and Computing Science department of Utrecht University. I am furthermore a frequent guest of the sHAI group (social Human Agent Interactions) at the Behavioural Science Institute (BSI) of Radboud University. The closest equivalent to an online CV that I currently have would probably be my LinkedIn profile.

image shield link to uu.nl/staff/jvanacken image shield link toe the sHAI group website maintained by the members image shield link to the sHAI group at Radboud University image shield link to linkedin.com/in/jan-philip-van-acken


If you want to write me a nicely worded email, my address can be found at my staff-page. Aside from emails and phones I can sometimes be found on Mastodon1, particularly at the scholar.social instance. For things that are centered on Dutch academia I occassionally roam the social.edu.nl instance. My Twitter account exists, but is pretty much just there as an archive of past activities these days.

image shield link to scholar.social/users/jpvanacken image shield link to social.edu.nl/users/jpvanacken image shield link to twitter.com/jpvanacken


To keep my current publications as accessible as possible I have most of them mirrored across various sites, where possible. If you are interested in the Sense of Agency and how to possibly create illusory agency over a non-functional EEG-based brain-computer interface then consider reading my BSc thesis or the resulting book chapter. If you are interested in applying Moral Foundations Theory to robotics and curious to find out if people consider it morally wrong when a robot hits another robot in the face then I refer you to my MSc thesis.

image shield link to researchgate.net/profile/Jan-Philip-Van-Acken- image shield link to uu.academia.edu/JanPhilipvanAcken image shield link to orcid.org/0000-0001-8520-9871 image shield link to scholar.google.com

See here for a list of publications


I can program in various language, some learned through courses, some self-taught. See the Codeberg2 link below for a small section of example code.

image shield link to codeberg.org/jpvanacken

My bookshelf

I read a lot. Depending on where I am physically at, and depending on storage space, this causes bookshelves to emerge. These shelves then get filled with some physical books. Plus some things in digital formats. If you are nearby and want to exchange books, I try to keep an updated inventory of the books I have around. This is done through Inventaire. Go have a look, maybe?

image shield link to inventaire.io/users/jpvanacken


You can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind. Cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance they're ... totally eligible for dancing lessons! On the off chance that you came here because we might have met on a dancefloor for either latin/ballroom or maybe even balfolk, have a look here: list of tournaments